We are all human beings. That being said, we are very very different in so many ways; the way we think, the things we do, the way we react to situations, and so on. What one person finds offensive, may not be what another finds offensive, or it actually may. At the end of the day, we are all different and we all need to acknowledge that. Personally, embarrassment is my least favorite emotion. I can take a lot of nonsense, but not embarrassment. My friends, and the people i surround myself with, should know that. I have zero tolerance for people that embarrass me, and i am not proud of the fact that forgiveness does not come easy for me either.

I know many are thinking, people embarrass others everyday. Well, true. For me, i do not look at the act, but the motive behind it. The intent.

If someone posts pictures of me falling off a camel on face book because they genuinely believe it is funny, that i can take. I would probably do the same. It is really funny by the way. However, if they go ahead to tag people that they know i try my best to show my perfect side to; people i try as much as possible to keep out of my daily drama, there in lies the problem. That i cannot take.

If someone makes me a laughing stock in a taxi over 700ugx because they think it is funny, that i can take. Who doesn’t find a conductor running after someone hilarious?? At that at such a popular stage?? But if they go ahead to brag about how they embarrassed me and how i deserved it; and even go further to make sure it is their private joke every time they see me, that is malicious intent. No please, that i cannot take.

If someone shouts at me, spits in my face and practically drags me through the mud in a bar, and the only reason he can give for all that is the fact that his ego cannot take the fact that i do not acknowledge him as he thinks that i should; and all the while, my so called friends just stand and watch a telenova unfold before their eyes, not even bothering to stand up for me; i’m sorry, that i cannot take. Your wasted apologies may come later, and your proclamations of friendship may follow, but they will fall on deaf ears.

Life is too short to even think of surrounding myself with people that will be a reminder of the fact that they even thought for one second they could get away with trying to belittle me.

That said, allow me to emphasize, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. The way we handle our conflicts really varies. Some people are blessed with forgiving hearts. You do something bad to them today, they sleep on it, and the next day they are fine. Others simply cannot afford that luxury. You do something once, you are bound to do it again, so i might as well save myself the pending anger. Such people may be silent, but do not be fooled into thinking they have forgotten. They will laugh at your misfortune, long for your downfall and party when life deals you a knock out blow. I repeat, WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. Do not therefore go ahead and judge me for thinking like the later.

When you were making an idiot out of me and repositioning your enlarged balls, i was curled up in my room beating myself up at how i could feel that insulted. I was crying myself to sleep thinking why the hell didn’t my friends stand up for me, yet God knows i would do the same for them. I was scoffing at the fact that i let you into my home and actually made you feel comfortable right before you turned around and stabbed me in the back. I was thinking, HOW THE F did i not see this coming?

I know many will look and say, ‘OMG how can you be so mad about something that small?’

Well, some people get mad at others for simple things like spreading a rumor. To me, id think, OMG, get over yourself. So someone spread a rumor that you’re getting married, BIG DEAL, or someone said you are a gold digging slut… BIG DEAL. But no, i respect the fact that something i wouldn’t dwell on, can piss you off so much because WE ARE DIFFERENT.

Some people keep beef for centuries because…. ‘dude refused to give me a ride.’ I would laugh at that, but that is just me. We should not think that just because something is a non issue to us, it should be a non issue to another.

I have practically given a never-ending speech, but i just felt it needed to be said.

So with that, people, PLEASE, respect others. I know at times there are fights between friends, and those, you can work out, and then there are unprovoked wars we pick. Just because you have an issue with me that i do not know about, does not justify your embarrassment of me. So let us mind the way we treat people, especially those we do not know very well. Let us keep in mind, some people hold grudges till death, and will go to the ends of the earth just to make sure you get what they think you deserve, even if it takes a lifetime. Hell, your next generation can suffer for you. If you are to pick a fight, it better be justified. You better be sure you have been wronged, and that your opponent knows why you are attacking them. Do not blindside people. One second we are good, the next i am a laughing stock in front of my peers. KTM. Some people take that bullish, i don’t. To others, it may be simple, but to me, embarrassing me the way you do may be equivalent to lying in a coma. Embarrassing me may be equivalent to being deaf and handicapped. You did not think about what i was feeling, do not expect me to sympathize when you are in trouble.To avoid all this, BE NICE TO PEOPLE YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW AND DO NOT PICK UNPROVOKED FIGHTS. YOU MAY DO SOMETHING TO ME AND FORGET, SIMPLY BECAUSE WE ARE NOT EVEN FRIENDS, BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW IF I WILL LET IT GO TOO. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES I KNEEL AT MY BEDSIDE AND PRAY FOR GOD TO POUR HIS WRATH UPON YOU. YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW FAR I WILL GO TO SEE YOU HURT. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT PEOPLE. REMEMBER THAT.

If you feel you need to check if your balls are in place, do it to your friends. Pick on your friends. At least there is a chance they will expect it, and know how to deal with you at your bitchiest moment, because they know you. DO NOT THINK OF PICKING ON PEOPLE YOU DO NOT KNOW> That’s just messed up!

And if you have a problem with someone that they evidently do not know about; for example you hate ‘her’ because of the way she walks, or ‘his’ attitude rubs you the wrong way, please RECOGNIZE THAT THAT IS YOUR PROBLEM AND NOT THEIRS! They are who they are. You have a problem with that, keep your distance. Do not use that as a reason to justify an attack on them. That is even MORE messed up. Who is to say they also didnt like the way You eat with food dripping at the sides?????