So today is monday.
Like most companies, we have those monday morning meetings that everyone dreads! In these, we are expected to give an overview of what we have achieved in the previous week, and what we hope to achieve the coming week.
Now i hate these moeetings. No, scratch that, i LOATH these meetings. And i know it is pretty obvious why. Unlike my workmates who feel the need to actually earn their salary, i prefer to just chill and let the petty cash im paid come in as pocket money. You know, money you are entitled to. So every monday, before the meeting, i rush to my workmates desk and ask him to share afew of his achievements with me so i can pretend to be hardworking. Now this worked for the first five months on the job. However, six months down the road, it is obvious the one thing i didnt count on was actual delievery.
You see, i am the Business Development Officer, and with that, i am basically expected to bring business into the company. As you can see, such results are easy to see, and when you do not deliver, you cannot lie your way out…. ofcoz unless you are me.
Now the thing is, i know i am the worst employee there is, but for God’s sake, i do not need you pointing that out infront of all my co-workers. And you sure as hell do not expect me to sit there and take in that shit. Huge Problem!!!!!!!!.
So we go in for the meeting, and when my turn to present my stuff reaches, i confidently lie about what i had done and what i hope to do.
The Boss, feeling he is tired of my lack of results, decides to open his mouth to the maximum and hurl what felt like insults to me. Sadly, it was the truth. Tears welled up in my eyes. HE was literally laying out my dirty laundry and he expected me to sit there and claim it as mine. NO WAY!!!!
i decided to shout back. Yes! Not calmly defend myself because that would mean the rest of the people would weigh out the argument and see that i was in the wrong. So i had to shout with a shaky voice, so the rest could notice the tears threatening to pour, and believe that i was surely being accused falsely.
Im sure the boss didnt see this coming. HE looked at me speechless, and asked that i leave if i didnt want to work. At this point, the arrogance in me threatened to walk out, then i remebered the ka girl who owed me money down at the NOC, and thought twice. Id quit after she pays.
After the meeting, i needed to get everyone else on my side. Who cares if the boss knows the truth…. These workmates of mine gotta respect me!
LOL, so i paraded them their and told them how my work was totally being hindered by my boss, and bla blabla! Listening to myself, i was totally convinced.
Now, with all my workmates telling me not to worry, and to just relaz because it is obvious the boss had a bad day, i must say i am calm.
HOWEVER… i know one day i will be found out bulungi and ill have nothing to backup my lies. So im job hunting!
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