So somehow, something strange is happeneing inour country. A few years ago, the only readers and writers we knew in Uganda were those that wrote articles for newspapers, and those that read the stuff that was written. PERIOD. But now things have changed. People everywhere are learning to put their thoughts to paper, and others are learning that there is another way to pas time, and it is called reading.
This brings me to the point im getting at.
I am one of those people that always look out for any articles so i can pass time. But readind has become more of just a pass time activity. I now have it scheduled in my timetable right next to faking work at work.
It is therefore on one of these days that i discovered a great page that has amazing blogs. It is just a starter, but im sure with the great talent it has, it is going to be a big one soon.
In particular. you might want to check out