There is something about women that many people pretend not to understand, and yet it is quite clear. I really dont know why people say they are difficult. One just has to understand the universal concepts that link all women. Dont say women put a price tag on love or relationships. or any other nonsense that insinuates greed. Its just how God created them. Besides, it is common knowledge that there is something about a woman pulling money out of her wallet that dries up her love! Anyway now the moral of the story, or the point, or the continuation!
I was bored oneday, watching some irrelevant stuff on an irrelevant piece of equipment, when the irrelevant person said something that seemed irrelevant, but was very true. Dont worry, i will share.
This irrelevant person said that women are a specie that can compromise on alot of things, like how a man looks, education, sex, etc, but there is one thing they will never compromise, and that is lifestyle. A woman, according to this irrelevant creature, could never go backwards when it came to lifestyle. Evidence commences as follows:
The very first guy shantiliquisha ever dated, was a lousy shmuk with braces, plump and skinny depending on the weather, and was almost expelled for body odour. But the one thing he never failed to do, was buy her lunch. She was never without a great meal whenever classes ended, be it break, lunch, after lunch, tea break, you name it, and she didnt even have to carry her mother’s sweetpotatoes to school. From that day forth, the standard was set. There was no dating a guy who could not buy her meals.
Later, when technology caught up with her. the man she had at that time always woke her up with credit for her phone. On a good day, it was up to 10,000, and on a bad day it was 500. This was good. After he left, the next guy had to be able to buy credit and keep her phone alive.
It may not be written in stone because the floods may come and the stone will sink to the bottom, but it is real.
Ladies, remember the first time you dated a guy with his own car; friday nights were nolonger about hanging out with alot of girlfriends so that you can each foot the bill for the taxi cab, regardless of how boring the company actually was. They were nolonger about packing flat shoes in your bag for the long walk back from the party! Your man had you covered. You could happily leave the club and wave to your friends as they stood by to flag a cab. From that day forth, the cute, tall glass of wine with no ride just didnt cut it!
What about the first time you dated that guy with his own apartment? You visualized your closet space. No more packing all your clothes when it was time to leave, incase his mama found sexy underwear in her only child’s room. You could scream as loud as you wanted and give orders with no obstacles. After that, there was no way in hell you were dragging yourself back to any mother’s house.
And the first time your man took you on a trip. It was a romantic getaway to Seychelles. You couldnt even pronounce the name of the island, but you loved it! If the next guy couldnt come with a passport ready for use, he was definately of no use.
All in all, when it is time to tie the knot, a real woman should have a man who will buy her meals, send her credit, drive her around, put a roof over her head, take her travelling all over the world, and all the other things that could come after. A woman will not, and should not settle for less.