i) You are overjoyed when your partner admits to having cheated on you, as this is a clear way out.
ii) You are extremely pissed off when he says it was all a ploy to get you to confess if you have ever cheated on him, and in truth he would never dream of cheating on you.
iii) The only thing keeping you in the relationship is the birthday party he promised to throw you when the time comes. Only problem it is at the end of the year.
iv) You always make sure his sleepovers coincide with funerals and other ceremonies that keep you away for days.
v) You keep beeping his ex on his phone so she can call back and hopefully re-kindle that flame.\
vi) You steal people’s phones to send yourself flirty texts, then you act all guilty like you are the victim of invasion of privacy. I mean, why did he look through your phone yet you had just left it on his bed and gone out for an hour?
vii) You keep calling after every five minutes to complain how your boss is demanding you put in extra time as a front desk manager, yet you are on a booda home.
vii) You call at 10pm to announce how you you are just leaving work. Sitting at the front desk receiving after hour guests was indeed so hard and you really wish you could see him, but shit happens.
viii) You throw a suprise birthday party for him, and keep it a such suprise that even he doesnt get to know about it.
ix) You keep a record of all the things you have given him, in the hope that before you call it quits, he has paid up. That ka 200 i used to buy him gum when he said he had no change, the 300 i topped up for his rolex the other day, the 1000 i used on the booda to go see him…………
x) You actually manage to write out this list in less than thirty seconds and only stop beacuse Abid wont give you three full pages but limits you to like half.