The company is screaming MAYDAY MAYDAY!
How do i know?? Budget cuts. That’s what they call it. Credit crunch. That’s what they blame it on. I thought this only affected AIG, and even those employees are still enjoying full benefits.
It all begun when they fired the cleaner, and made the gateman take up his duties with absolutely no salary increase. (Ok he was fired for other things as i may have told you before, but i think it had been coming anyway!)
We carried on like there was no problem. Smiling in corridors, sharing jokes, begging the bosses for lifts down the hill; generally life was still good.
Next came the absence of small things. No samosas for breakfast, just chapatis, eggs, chicken pies and white coffee. Then no chapatis for breakfast, just eggs, chicken pies and white coffee. Then no eggs for breakfast, just chicken pies and white coffee. Then no chicken pies for breakfast, just white coffee. Then it was black coffee. Then it was black tea. Now we are advised to have breakfast before we come in as there is alot of work and no breakfast time to waste. This time, although we felt the pinch, we acted like all was good. We still gave the occassional smiles in the corridors, but the jokes ceased! Must have been because they were usually told over breakfast. The lifts, those could not be avoided because everyone who has been up here knows the place is far.
After that came the water saga. Yes! We are one of those offices that have water dispensers at all corners. Water for the front desk, water for the interns, water for the guests, water for each boss in his capacity, and so on. Right now, there is just water for the kitchen staff, which we now all use. The exscuse they gave is no one really has time to go down to the supermarket to buy re-fills.
We got used to these things, and work went on, but the tension was eminent.
Then, vendors started harrasing me for their pay. Some had not been paid in like eight months. This was crazy, but this did not perturb me at all. It would not affect my salary, so what the heck! No stress. I did what i do best, lied to them, and they believed.
Many more vendors came and went with no option but to be patient.
What happened next was kind of anticipated. Meals were stopped. Considering we had been eating on credit for four months, one would have been a fool to be suprised. What suprised us instead was the fact that we were not given lunch allowance after that. We were encouraged never to miss lunch, and keep our receipts. Had to buy a new handbag. These things accumulate so freakin fast.
All the while, salaries had always been paid on time. By the 28th of every month, our accounts were credited. So when we were told that salaries would be paid on the 5th of every month, a bulb was lit in my head. But not bright enough to worry me.
Today as i write this, i must say the bulb has burst because it is the 20th and i am still waiting on that 5th salary. Honestly, i never knew budget cuts could impinge on the salaries.
Well, thats me. I’v been told i have delayed understanding (DU), and i think now i agree. My boyfriend said he noticed our SOS cry when they stopped the meals, and i was stupid not to notice as that was the time his lunch visits also ended.
To sum it all up, when there’s something strange, in the com-pa-ny, who you gonna call…………??? Are there Company busters???? Somebody?? Anybody??