A cerain sunday, i laughed as i read Buzz’s article about the chick who was in the worst dressed thing. It was more than hillarious. I personally had never known anyone who had been put in the newspapers for worst dressed. I actually thought they were hired to wear those hideous outfits, and paid well. It always seemed like most of them actually posed for the snaps, and that is what convinced me they definately knew they would be hitting the papers that sunday. I mean, how was one supposed to be suprised if a whole camera crew came infront of them, took their pictures, asked them to turn around and took some more pictures, then flashed their sunday vision magazine ids?? Ofcourse this was always expected.
I wish i had met the girl Buzz and his negative friend met before she appeared in the papers, so she could tell me her story, because what i received when i opened the sunday magazine yesterday but one was more than shock!!!!! It was such a big shock it took a whole day for me to get my head together and actually write about it! There on the front page, smiling at the camera, 31 all out (obviously 31 coz you could see a gap thus eliminating one), eyes wide open, was the girl i remember standing next to quite well. The thought that it could have easily been me was so overwhelming, especially considering the fact that i have curfew, so questions would have been raised as to what i was doing after sunset, i just wept!!!!!!!!!
I still cant believe it could have easily been me! Lemme go weep again! there is a God after all!