So what was a lovely bonding session at lunch just turned into a heated argument about boarding schools when the boss decided to turn up.
One of the employees was sharing about how he really wants to be a headmaster later on in life, and we were all teasing him about whether it would be day or boarding. Laughter and smiles turned into a search for serviettes to clean the food that was almost flying around as we all struggled to put out points across. As you might have guessed, i was on the side of psychological stability, and the boss was on the side of good behaviour. My thoughts started to drift. I was sure i was right.
I was taken back to those days in that hell-hole.
Back to the times were giggers were the norm as girls walked the streets of the school in slippers.
It was a beautiful school. By far one with the prettiest compuonds in the Pearl. Its beauty mainly hailed from the fact that it was led by THE White one. Not just any white one, but THE WHITE IRISH SISTER.
She had led the school since the early days of Muteesa I, and had even schooled Obote’s offspring. She was a saint to many; many who lived not within the walls.
But we knew better. To us, she was THE white woman who made us kneel in stones infront of her office because we could not pronounce the word ‘carry-ying’ like they do back in Ireland.
To us she was the White woman who always forced us to thank her for the slashes we got because one of the actresses had fallen sick and she was irreplacable, or the ones we gave ourselves because we could not baa-baa like the sheep in the Birth of Jesus story.
To us she was the ….. that screamed her head off because one person failed to afford the school hymn book.
She was the…. that stopped mass because the hosts were too many.
The… who practically spat at you coz they were too few.
She was the … that encouraged confession only so she could keep the record of your wrongs and punish you for them later on.
She was the one who forced parents to whip their nine year old girls for running away from the school, without realising how desperate they were to get away from her.
I could go on forever, although she tried to make up for this by giving us nice food during christmas parties and cheap gifts.
All in all, i totally hate and disagree with parents who take their children to boarding schools, especially religious ones at primary level.