There are certain things which we do subconciously, and then when we finally get results we pretend to be all shocked like, OMG He really loves me that much He gave me this?? Or, OMG, what ever did i do to deserve this??
Well, i have realised what i am subconciously doing before i see results because honestly, im speechless at the fact that i can aim that high.
It all started when i got a job at this technological firm in some posh area of the city. Since there are no taxis that pass there, my only mode of transport was a booda! Ofcourse i love the way people’s beards fly as the wind blows against them, so i had no complaints. Everymorning i would wake up, take a booda to work, and every evening take one back home. Considering i used to do this everyday, it didnt come as a suprise when i would find the booda men waiting outside my gate for my morning ride, or when they would rush to meet me as soon as they saw me slope on my way home. But pretty soon i actually started having conversations with them. It is amazing how much these people actually know! Id greet them, sit on the booda, and we would have an educated conversation about women and their problems, and when they drop me off, id stand by the road and wave till they were gone.
Days later, i was offering my name and phone number to them. Hmm, one has actually just sent me a good morning message.
Anyway the point is now, when i pass by the booda stage near home, i am always beaming and waving, like my best friends are in the area. Same thing near my workplace.
It is just today that it hit me. I have always wanted to enter politics, and i was amazed at the way Ssebaggala was able to win the mayoral race just because he associated with the people that crowd the city. Question is, am i subconciously following in his footsteps??????????
Do i actually have big dreams????