I am officially in deep shit!
I am walking to work this morning, and decide against it. Hitching a ride aint so bad. So i stop this car, get into it, and smile sweetly at the lady driving. She doesnt say a word, just drives off. She passes my first stop, insisting she’d take me to my exact destination. Comfortably, i agree. Nothing screams trouble, and i trust my instincts never to let me down. So anyway, on our way, she gets this phonecall, something to do with her brother being taken to jail. She decides we should first pass by the police cell where he is being held before she drops me off. Stupid brothers. Couldnt he call the mother??
Anyway, we arrive at the cell, she attempts to bribe the policemen, and they stupidly allow. So much for protecting our streets from criminals. So the guy gets into the car, insists on sitting in the front and i have to move to the back. I oblige; it looks like i have no option it not being my car and all. So we go. They agree to drop me first. When we arrive at the entrace to my workplace, i see this herd of cattle. Now this is not a strange sight, considering i work for people who prefer to have their offices in residential areas with alot of grass surroundings. Being the human with a great phobia for cattle, i beg them to allow me wait in the car abit. Two minutes later, i step out of the car, and what do you know!……………………………………. My foot is in deep shit!!!!!!!
Oh i hate those animals!