The worst time for a writer, or should i say blogger is when they ask for someone’s opinion on a piece they have worked so hard to pen, and the person looks them straight in the eye and truthfully tells them it is no good, that is if they are face to face.
It is even worse than that monday morning, when they come so excited to read their comments, and find none was left. It is worse because they can be consoled by the blog stats which show that the article was visited 48times in one day.
But it is also worse than checking the blog stats and searching for the line on the graph, only to notice it blends with the bottom line; 0visits.
I tell you, it is way worse than that.
It is worse than realising that all the other bloggers were tagged in a piece that acted as an award for the best writer, and they happened to have missed you. God knows you only found out about it when you visited other blogs.
It is worse than searching for a link to your blog on the other blogs that you always make it a point to read, and not finding it amidst hundreds.
Believe me, it is worse.
It is worse because this time it hurts.
It hurts because it comes from the one person who you could always count on to make you feel good about what you do.
The one person who believed in you to do better.
But mostly, it hurts because it will force you to be better.