The first time i met you, you said i looked like the kind of person who knew exactly what she wanted. I took that as a compliment. Believed in myself. I am now a thirty year old jobless spinster. You now turn around and say you’re dissapointed in me. Ouch!
But thats besides the point. Thats not even half of what i wanted to get off my chest. There’s this thing bothering me. Personally i believe that everyone should be able to speak their minds.
Take an example of this receptionist who is turned into the accountant because the original accountant, who was earning an accountant’s pay, got pregnant and thus had to go on the long awaited three months pregnancy leave. This receptionist earns less than a quarter of what the accountant originally earned, and is by far the least paid employee at the company, right after the gateman, who doubles as the cleaner. The point is, any normal person would have thoughts, or better still, things racing through their minds. Now why cant they be allowed to speak their minds. Why cant they tell the boss to raise their salary as they are being overworked and given duties that were not part of their job description, which happened to be answering phone calls. Why cant they leave work early and say they will not do what they are asked because they are not in that airconditioned corner office with a lovely view. I mean numbers cannot be properly counted at the front desk! Everyone freaking knows that. I mean why! Why cant she say that and everyone else accepts and takes her thoughts into consideration!
But noooo! The boss feels her airing her views in the middle of his board meeting as she delivers the coffee is just inappropriate. Or is it because i managed to get the attention of all the board members?? Wait a sec. Did i say i?? Oh no. My bad. Definately not me. That unfortunate receptionist. Anyway, all in all, the boss feels the need to render her jobless because of thoughts that he would have been having had he been the receptionist who got the job to only answer phonecalls, and now instead, answers phone calls, is a tea girl, and, wait for the demotion,(breathing……with difficulty..) an accountant!
Anyway, in my view, i believe her point of view should have been respected.
Another example. Wait. This one is kind of different. Personally i think a great relationship is one where you are comfortable with your partner. You are free enough to tell them anything, or do anything for that matter, and they will still love you, because that is what they do anyway. Or so i thought.
Now it so happens, there is this girl. Some girl, somewhere. I also just heard the story from a friend of her friend’s ex husband who works with another friend of the girl in question. Now this girl meets a guy, and they hit it off. Start dating and stuff. Six months later, they move in together. Guy’s nice crib in Kyebando Kisalusalu. Right next to Sudhir’s new campus. Anyway, they are happy together. She is comfortable and she knows her man loves her no matter what. She tells him everything, and is not shy to use the loo when he is watching. Her man works the night shift at MTN, three days a week. So on this one day, he leaves for work and she terribly misses him. So she gets his best suit and sleeps in it. Full suit. Coat and tie, soaks and all. The shoes happen to be extremely extra large so she does without them. Anyway so he comes back at seven, ofcos by this time she is already up getting ready to go to the company where she used to work to beg for her receptionist job back. Oh wait, dont think the above is related. Oh no. Please!! How can it be? Anyway as long as i emphasize that its not me. Back to the story of this wierd chik. So dude comes back tired, but you know guys, always having deals and meetings on deals. Well this was one of those days where he had a meeting, and he had to wear his best suit. To cut the long story short, i happened to have drooled on the coat and the saliva stains were really unhideable. So visible, even to the injured boda man at the stage with poor site. Thing is, i didnt really think it was that bad, and the other two times id done it, Jerry had seemed not to mind. Or was that because i had not mentioned it?? Anyway, this time it was so bad, so she tells him. She. That chik. I am so into myself that sometimes i write I instead of she, so please, disregard that. Its not about me. Point! He gets really upset and he stays that way. He is so upset he even helps her transport her things back to her parents house. His reason, he cannot live with someone like that. But she missed him. It was all for love. Did she deserve this cruel treatment? He then sends her a message on facebook telling her he wants out. Who facebooks a breakup?? Honestly who dumps people on facebook? So he changed his number, not that i would have called to beg. I just wanted to leave a thank you message.
Anyway, guess you were right to say you were dissappointed. Being thirty with no job and no man is not sexy at all.
Oh. Here comes my replacement. (Did i mention there is no internet at home so i carried my laptop to the company! Anti the beauty of wireless)She doesnt even walk as well as i do. That job stealer. She is probably working under pressure with peanuts for a salary! Hmmm but atleast she brings good news; the boss will see me now. Lemme go beg for my job back. Hopefully ill atleast get coffee girl! I gotta learn to keep my mouth shut!