So its like this. Im sitted at this desk minding my own business, when this irritating beep goes off. Yahoo messenger. Message alert. I wonder, who is it now. Who is disturbing my peace? Who is declaring war on my silence?
Well what do you know, its the one and only, the self proclaimed rapper, mad skilled giggafied dancer, with a kadodi-like swagger, puffed up chest, buttoned down shirt which leaves alot to be desired, and looks like, smells like, feels like… hot stuff (drum roll…lingala beat-boxing…spotlight hitting a shadowy figure in a hood, walking with a limp, and everything else he needs to make a grand entrance that i could not copy off his page)…S…L…E…E…K…!!!
Now many of you probably dont know this dude, and a considerable number of you actually do. But im guessing if you’re reading this, your probably him.
Back to the point. So i hear the beep and feast my attention on the monitor/screen. What has he got to tell me that he hasn’t yet tried to say? Will it really be something new?I mean its not like he runs out of things to say when he reports the mid- morrning news on his escapades in a taxi as he goes for a ride with the HE1s, HE2s and SHE3s of this world, or when he announces his return from the land that has math teachers who speak chemistry, or when he declares that God should take his life like a young man and then displays the law and disorder he abides by?
What? What has he not said? What has he not talked about?
The people he criticises yet secretly worships with lack of roadside etiquette, the way he lets it all hang out as he visualises the crowd cheering him on, then the trips to the future where facebook is a thing of the past, and just as we try to get used to the new stuff, a thrust down memory lane, to a time many of us will never know, a time somewhere in 1978??
Well what?
Maybe he will tell me about his one armed trip to her apartment, or about the ghosts that haunt his shadow, or was that just rihanna’s song? One thing’s for sure. I will never know.
Perhaps he wants to announce his practise of knuckle games, so that i can bless him with my presence with no fear of being gropped, or he wants to ride in a car as the boy he never was, on his way to lose that long distance virginity!
What could it be? Now im really getting curios. I surely hope he is not going to play hardball with my face, coz thats my greatest asset right after my feet.
Maybe i should just check it out. He probably has something new up his sleeve. But i doubt that. I mean he almost did me, but i must admit it has really been a while.
When you come to such a conclusion, there is only one thing left to do.
Read the damn message.
And i did.
And it wasnt new, but it was sweet.
T’was sleek just saying hello.