‘… one more try, cause everybody knows, but nobody really knows’

Its been playing in my head all day; brings tears to my eyes.

I miss you.

After this, i dont think there is more i can say.

I try to look; your picture, its infront of me.

Reminds me of those days. Days when we knew no sadness. Days when i took you for granted, knowing you would never walk out on me.

I try to look, but the tears cloud my eyes.

Im left with your memory. But that is more vivid.

When i close my eyes, i can smell your perfume: Eternity. You loved it.  

The tears, they help me remember, so i let them flow.

They try to melt the pain.

Soon they will be no more.

‘And i hope oneday you’ll see, nobody has it easy’



Im sorry.

’cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows, how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt….’

He got that one right. I didnt know. I really didnt know.

If i had known, i wouldnt have hurt you.

I wouldnt be here hurting.

But nobody really knows, right?

So forgive me.

‘o i wish you’d understand, o just an ordinary man, wish that we had known…’

Forgive me.

Im begging.

Im crying.


I need you.

‘one more try…..’ he sings in the background.

One more try, i cry to the darkness.

Just this once,

If i said it before, i mean it today.

‘The song, its fading.

But i hold on to it,

It gives me hope.

Maybe you’ll listen

Listen to John tell our life story

’cause everybody knows. but nobody really knows!’

,and it starts all over again…