So i know if you are a front desk manager, you are the one to go buy certain stuff, pay vendors either cash or hand them cheques, and all that stuff. Well basically, that’s what i do, considering the fact that i have no qualifications to ascend to a higher position. But what pisses me off most is when the Boss sends you for something, and the money is not enough, or when the newspaper man comes for his money, and you do not have it, or the food lady calls and you ignore her calls because you know what she is going to ask……. for me, that basically happens on a daily basis!
Now today, i wake up with just 5,000/= in my wallet. I am broke, and i know it, but i have calculated. I can take a taxi from home to the stage, 300/=, then walk halfway the hill and get a boda at 500/= to the work place, forego lunch with the exscuse of loss of apetite, in the evening, walk down the hill, buy groundnuts for 200/= and maize for 200/= from the old lady at the roadside, then get a taxi for 300/= to the ka shortcut, and walk home. Simple. That would mean 5,000/= would get me through the week with some loose change.
Anyway as i was saying, so i come to work very tired because i had to walk halfway the hill. The newspaper man has not been paid for two months, and my boss has decided today will be the day he gets paid! So he hands me 150,000/= and tells me to go with his driver to buy him a bathroom anti-slip rug o carpet o watever, put fuel for 10,000/=, and pay the newspaper dude the rest.
So i do as im told. On reachin the office, i realise the rug carpet thingi was 23,000/=, fuel 10,000/=, that leaves 117,000/=.
The newspaper dude needs 119,700/=! So now what do i do? I cant go to my boss to ask for 2,700/=, now can i???
He would probably fire me! I mean imagine interrupting a board meeting for 2,700/=! So i do what i really do not want to do, and top up. Now i am 2,700/= less, which means i cannot eat groundnuts or maize, and i have to walk the full journey on some days, just know i am so pissed off! I could resign! Now i’m trying to find ways of telling him i ‘kubanja’ him, but no good ideas!
I swear the next time ill just……………………………………………………………………………… what i always do! top up!!!!!!!!